Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hidden Markov Models

Great quote from Cryptogenomicon:

David Lipman commented that the only thing that made HMMs interesting was their name - there’s something’s hidden, and a Russian is involved.

Read more about HMMs.

Not only is that hilarious, but his 95-page HMMER Users Guide includes such indispensable sections as "How to avoid reading this manual" and "How to avoid using this software (links to similar software)".

As scientists go, you gotta love this guy. :)

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faceface said...

I asked Sean Eddy if he would make a mailing list for HMMer, as he said he won't answer mail on the topic.

Sadly he didn't answer my mail ;-)

There is a mailing list called SSML 'the Sequence Search Mailing List' that is linked here:

which could be used for questions about HMMer.