Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wind tunnel workplace

Arrived at work this morning and the front doors were locked (odd) and one of them was propped open with a sign (odder). The lobby was filled with a loud metallic rattling / vibration sound. I stared up towards the noise as other slightly confused people wandered around also wondering what was going on. Both elevator doors were slightly open even though the elevator cars were not on this floor. (Someone could have fallen into the shaft if they decided to try a little?)

An annoyed management type appeared and told us that the power company had done something this morning (this wasn't our fault, she assured us defensively) which knocked out the "air handlers." She didn't seem to know really what that meant and wasn't in the mood to try to explain anything to the likes of me.

Attempting to head to my office the next security door had a green light (unlocked), but still wouldn't open. It took some serious tugging to gain entry. The hallway was like a mild wind tunnel. Not enough pressure to really effect people, but plenty to effect the doors on both ends. One held shut, the other held open by the pressure. In the next hallway, directly connected to my office, was more whistling of air in a hurry to get elsewhere. Many office doors propped open with trash containers. Home remedy attempts to lessen the noises?

Outside there's only a slight breeze today.

I obviously have no idea how modern architecture works. This is not a special air pressure building as far as I know. I had no idea buildings of this size (8 stories) need powered "air handler" units or the whole building goes a little wacky.

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