Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Improve your vision today! Remove your glasses!

Hopped on the motorcycle this morning in heavy fog. Odometer: 7777. After about 3 seconds I couldn't see through my visor. Visor up. After 3 more seconds I couldn't see through my glasses. Glasses off.

Shitty vision + heavy fog + your body IS the crumple zone? Bad Idea.

Either I've never pulled that trick before, or I've forgotten. Eyelids are the best windshield wipers ever. Next time I'll bring contacts or Lasik eye surgery with me. :)

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BrotherBemused said...

A few days ago I saw a car (was it a Volvo?) with wipers on the headlights. Maybe that's an option for a motorcycle helmet? Eyelids make great cleansers, but have definite limits as bug guards. : )