Thursday, February 7, 2008

2nd dream job "offer" today

Not quite two years into my bio* adventure, I've had my second bite of possible full time employment in my dream field, where I can Make A Difference.

Oh, but the money... That beautiful, seductive mistress that has treated me so well over the last 8 years...

I just can't seem to break free and accept my dream job -- making less than half of what I made merely one year ago... Step back to my 1998 salary after rubbing elbows with the execs and a billionaire?

Are these my dream jobs? Am I a money addict? Does the smaller paycheck overshadow the careers that had me so lovestuck mere months ago?

My job / life satisfaction algorithms are causing me much guilt, confusion, and frustration.

At least this time it's me torturing me, not The Man and The System... :) This hamster needs to pick a treadmill.

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BrotherBemused said...

Hey, son. I'm so delighted life has presented you this quandry. It's the old "make a living or make a life?" question, and you're so fortunate to have an option that could alllow you to do both. This is thanks to your diligence, your unusual abilities, and your courageous willingness to keep moving forward rather than settle for the familiar and comfortable. It sounds trite, but "follow your bliss" is actually a pretty good that may be difficult, but leave you without regrets. Carpe diem!