Monday, February 11, 2008

Roadtrip to Lincoln bionerdiary, Crash

( aviary, only with biology and nerds. get it?)

Heading to Lincoln on Friday to meet a professor there and get a feel for his secret high-profile cutting edge research... I hope he's designing four-assed monkies.

My Netflix movie was Crash. Started off pretty disgusting, and I feared I was in for a non-stop racial stereotype fest. After surviving the first few sequences, the interweaving of the character development started to show, and the rest of the movie was terrific. Hopefully these shocking examples of bigotry are rare indeed in 2008. We have evolved, haven't we?

Crash was as intense as Mr. Brooks, a movie stunning it its power and the raw evil of its characters. Mr. Brooks is an excellent movie. And no one should see it.

Both films tap deep into the shock receptors of our reptile brains. Seems a strange way to make a living. Not at all how I earn a buck, staring at a computer screen all day pushing bits and bytes around inside some servers...

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