Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sodium hypocloRITE ME!

Memorizing all of this is the beginning of how I (hopefully) survived my CHEM test yesterday. Hate, hate, hate. -shudder-


BrotherBemused said...

Your mom tells me you'll be relieved if you eked out a B on your test. That would, in my view, be hitting it out of the park! I admire your persistence, since you obviously have something of an antipathy toward this stuff.

Jay said...

I got a B. I would have gotten an A- if I had showed my work on a problem that I thought was way too simple to bothering showing my work on.

Basically the nomenclature is hell and I missed around 1/3 of all possible points in that section. But that section was only 20% of the points of the test, and the rest of the test was much easier. I suspect the rest of the semester will be cake compared to the self-dentistry zero painkiller root canal nomenclature is.