Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Additional Gratuitous Nerdery

Welp, I'm back on blogger.com 'cause I've cattle-prodded my father into daily blogging and while I love blosxom I've decided I can't live without allowing comments on my entries and I don't want to learn that mojo in the blosxom universe. I also transferred all of jays.net to a MediaWiki install over the weekend, so welcome to Jay's homepage version 4 or 5 or something: http://jays.net. It's an open wiki, so get off your butt and add stuff!
Note from future self in the year 2015: What are you doing?? You can't trust the corporate giant Google to keep your blog safe! Now I can't export all your old crappy blog entries and have to write an extraction routine! WWW::Mechanize to the rescue. What were you thinking? Dumbass.

Now that that's out of the way and I've commented most of Dad's posts from the last few days so I guess it's time for another head dump blog entry:

Theatre: Andria and I went to the The Office Party, a dinner theater show at the Millard Ball Room. A couple old theater friends were in it. Pretty funny stuff. It's hard to go wrong with a German HR manager gal, complete with eye patch and leather whip-thing yelling at everything and everyone. Speaking of The Office, I got the first 2 seasons of the BBC sitcom on DVD from the Krejci's for Christmas. Boo-ya!

Trying to work offline from the Med Center, fighting Perl Catalyst and Micros Opera Web Services from my laptop, disconnected from everything. Learning a lot, but it feels like slow going on the Omni front. Tonight is the Omaha Dynamic Language Users Group, Bob McCoy presenting Microsoft PowerShell. Pretty slick stuff! Everything is an object. Better than Linux + bash?

Calculus readiness exam tomorrow, classes start next week. Schedule still isn't set 'cause I have to hope for a standby slot in one of the Chem labs. The break was nice. I like not having classes. Luckily only a billion more classes to go to get my BS degree. :)

Found 81 of Roberta's emails: http://jays.net/wiki/Roberta_Jenkins

Bob's wrapping up and my battery is 18m from death, so I guess I better quit for tonight. Toodles!

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