Monday, January 28, 2008

Universe to Jay: Stop whining!

We were invited to a collaborative dinner and wine tasting event. I spent most of the evening worried that I wasn't being social enough, or appropriately social, or should be more this or that or whatever.

Some of the idle chit-chat was me complaining about corporate America, and Chemistry classes and such. Cathartic for me, perhaps, but probably annoying to everyone else.

Last night I found out that in one of the couples we were with the wife probably won't live more than another year. Cancer will leave the husband and two young children with $50K in school loans for the nursing training she will probably never use.

I need to stop whining and focus on the important things. Life... love...

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BrotherBemused said...

I hear you there, son. I've been a bit whiny about going through the discomfort of a colonostomy today, but then I compare what my friend Bobbie faces tomorrow as she undergoes the firsrt of four radiation treatments for uterine cancer and I realize my life has been incredibly blessed. I think what the universe may most essentialy be saying is "Be grateful!" So much beauty, so much wonder, so much life to celebrate--made even more precious in contrast with its opposite.