Monday, January 14, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Hillary Has Emotions!!!!

Politics are so bizarre. After years of preparation and months of campaigning, it appears that Hillary's display of emotion in an unguarded moment while responding to a woman voter's question may have been a critical contributor to her otherwise inexplicable turn-around in the New Hampshire caucus. It happened between Friday's polls and the weekend incident, reversing what was to be an ignominious defeat. Go figure. It's as though the revelation that Hillary might care enough to actually CRY has unleashed a torrent of goodwill, particularly among women voters. How ironic that our decision about the next Commander-in-Chief of the Free World may, after all, be shaped by a momentary thaw (far from a meltdown, as some called it) in an otherwise glacially frozen demeanor of cheeriness. In a male candidate, such an expression of emotion has been known to sink their political aspirations, but ironically it may serve just the opposite end for our first female candidate. Once again, "conventional wisdom" may be stood on its ear. Up 'til now, who'd have thought that in our testosterone candidacy race the estrogen candidate who had so completely controlled her public emotions to "stand by her man" even in the midst of infidelity would finally express some real feelings, and instead of this causing consternation about whether this is the sort of person you want in charge of The Bomb it instead seems to be creating more confidence in her trustworthiness. Move over, All My Children, THIS soap opera is MUCH more fascinating than fiction!

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Jay said...

I'm constantly stunned by people's sensitivities to the Hillary voice cracking non-event, to who Britanny is sleeping with, to who wore what where with who's ex-baby-daddy...

If nothing else, humanity has certainly perfected global media hype machines.

THE BOMB scares the hell out of me, as does the current guy with access to that button. Humanity would be far better off NOT having the ability to destroy EVERYONE sitting in the hands of a few elites.

Running out of fossil fuels scares the hell out of me on behalf of my son.

I don't know why my focus is so depressingly different than the typical consumer.