Friday, January 25, 2008

Noor the World of Warcraft pacifist

Proving yet again that there are a million ways to kill time before you die, I stumbled into Noor the pacifist as I was logging into WoW is all about endless killing of monsters and quests, but not for Noor. Yes, you can play the whole game without killing anything. It just takes a lot more time (60 hours per week instead of 40? -laugh-).

Noor's blog:

I don't understand why people would spend so much time doing that...

Then again, I don't understand why most people spend their lives the way they do...

Then again, I'm not sure about how I'm spending my life recently. Gambling my mid-thirties away for a shot at contributing to medical science, someday... -ponder-

Years ago a girlfriend told me I never live for now, I'm always building for tomorrow. Over 10 years later, she's still right. She thought that was bad. Maybe she was right.

Maybe I should play more video games. :)

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BrotherBemused said...

Gotta love that: a video characters who tries to kill NOTHING. Whodda thought? As to whether you ought to play more video games, I'd say you are making the much better choice. To me, life is about being contributive, and sometimes that means living for the future rather than the now, or chosing insecurity over security. I don't think you'll regret what you gain in that pursuit (the real WOW!) over what can be gained in virtual gaming.